And it begins...

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Wondering how to get to that special place?

Master classes, talks & workshops...inspired teachers & artists.

Reconnect. Slow down. Be.

Less than 2-hours from East Coast cities.

Open heart, mind and spirit.

Take time out. Open the heart and receive.

Find your Self in the triangle

YogaFest special room early!

It's as if time stands still… the sub-tropical warmth of Bermuda’s springtime, yet so much awakens.

Imagine yourself in a tranquil setting enjoying a restorative herbal tea after your invigorating morning yoga session with a renowned teacher. You ponder the gift you just received; the a-ha from having that one posture explained a certain way, or the lightness of those previously aching muscles.

Ahh, the long slow breath sets you on course for an incredible weekend, journeying out of winter to the Bermuda Yoga Festival. Intimate. Revitalizing. Restorative.