What people are saying

“Amazing yoga experience with world-class teachers in the world’s most magical setting and amongst the world’s friendliest people!” -Anne L.

“Magnificent to have such a concentrated caliber of instruction on our tiny island for a few days! Wonderful, truly enjoyable! Do not miss the next one!” -Akilah B.

“What a fabulous first Yoga Festival for Bermuda. Joyful, fun, sunny, and community bonding were some of the highlights along with a taste of some wonderful and inspirational teachers who made their way to BDA.” -Melissa M.

“Great mix of instructors… Rockin’ Kirtan… More intimate than most festivals… Heavenly weather… Loved it!” -Peter R.

“For me personally I loved ‘find yourself in the triangle’!!!! Also ‘your life will NEVER be the same’! Perfect words to describe such an amazing experience.” -Donna G.