Christina Frith

Christina Frith


Christina Frith was born into a creative family, and raised in New York City and Bermuda. Like many in her family, she sang from the earliest age. At the age of 17 she was singled out in her high school to sing at a peace concert in Central Park with James Taylor and Chaka Khan. This would be the beginning of a devoted career in which she would use her singing and her love of music to serve issues and causes close to her heart.

As an adult, she has been invited to sing at world class events, such as The State of the World Forum hosted by Mikhail Gorbachev and designed for global leaders in world affairs, humanities, sciences and the arts. She was a featured vocalist in Voices of Nine Eleven: A Gathering of Faith, Hope, and Love for The Washington National Cathedral’s commemorative event, honoring the one year anniversary of the international tragedy. She was a featured performer contributing songwriter at the International Conference for the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Washington, D.C., where she sang in a multicultural musical that earned her a standing ovation. Her voice can also be heard on film and television scores.

Christina regards the singing voice as an instrument of the soul and has performed with and for thousands, promoting love, healing, unity, and universal spirituality. Christina’s CDs “Crimson Robe” and  “He is the Healer” can be found on iTunes under her former name: Christina Quinn.

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Christina Frith has been teaching and practicing Ecstatic Movement for three decades. “Underneath the holding, controlling, fearing and dread, is a magnificent, wide open world of beauty, freedom, fearlessness and peace. If we but follow our authentic movement with attention and breath, we soon find ourselves throwing off who we think we are and opening to the exquisite beauty, the wonder and mystery, of who we truly are.” Join Christina in a courageous celebration of the true beauty, through movement, music and dance.

Dare to be beautiful. Truly, deeply, madly beautiful.

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