Peter Rehmer

Peter Rehmer Bermuda Yoga Festival 2016


Having been lucky enough to encounter great mentors at a young age, Peter has maintained a daily yoga and meditation practice since the 1970s.  An intense early meditation training (of the yogic non-dual tradition) in Canada and in the Himalayas inspired him to weave a dynamic professional career into an ongoing exploration of inner stillness.

Vigorous yoga asanas offer another way to integrate the inner and outer extremes of experience. Peter nurtured such a practice during four years living in Colorado and studying with Richard Freeman, one of the foremost Ashtanga yoga adepts.

Peter values the scientific, experiment-loving attitude of yoga. He believes that all eight traditional limbs of Ashtanga yoga emerge together and develop in the most balanced manner when illumined by the inner light of meditation.


Essential Meditation
In this 90-minute Workshop we review a wide range of motivations, 4 classic objects of meditation; 3 principles of practice; 2 essential aims, and the single best fringe benefit of meditation—all derived from the Yogic and Buddhist traditions without highlighting any one particular school.  Meditation myths will be dispelled.  Questions will be answered.  Practical tips will be offered.  The ultimate will be pointed at.

Essentially Easy Ashtanga
In this relatively easy class, we will playfully explore selected forms of the Ashtanga primary series, reviewing first principles and pressing into all the inherent oppositions.  By engaging the breath and gaze we will stoke a healthy belly fire, so honing the inward focus that helps deepen our experience of the individual postures.

No experience of Ashtanga is required to attend this class but it is recommended that students have practised yoga asanas for some months.

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