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An internationally recognized teacher, writer, studio owner, and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience, Peter offers a unique insight into the evolving art of yoga. With articles appearing in Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Huffington Post, Peter splits his time between writing, teaching, and creating videos, like “Gravity & Grace”, voted in the ‘Top 15 yoga DVDs of all time’ by Yoga Journal, and “The LEVITYOGA Show with Peter Sterios” on He is also the Founder of Manduka, a leading eco-yoga products company based in Los Angeles, and co-Founder of karmaNICA, a charitable organization for school children in western Nicaragua. For three years (2011-13), he was in a select group invited to teach yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative. Peter’s influence through his teaching, writing and innovative yoga products has been felt worldwide.

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LEVITYOGA: Practices to Rewire the Subtle Body – All Levels (2 hours)

Cultivating our minds for refined levels of attention and focus is a natural by-product of yoga. It starts with the understanding of the many “minds” our bodies possess – the mind in our brain, the mind in our spine, the mind in our heart, and the mind in our gut, to name a few. Magically, each yoga pose has been developed to encourage greater awareness in these “seats” of mind, through motion and exercises designed to build flexibility, strength, and stillness.

In this unique workshop, the root principles of LEVITYOGA will be explored to strengthen different parts of your mind and build more intelligence into your practice. Each of the principles – 1) Back Body Breathing;     2) Spine Mechanics; and 3) Fundamentals of Flow, will be briefly discussed, followed by practices to incorporate them into movement.

The class will be half lecture, half practice.

GRAVITY & GRACE: The Healing Power of Surrender and Intuitive Response – All Levels (2 hours)

In any stage of life, our physical bodies will have periods of injury or compromised mobility. By design, the practice of Hatha Yoga equips us with tools to overcome limitations resulting from these periods, and build strength to restore agility without pain.

In this workshop, guidance will be given, in very clear and concise ways, to sharpen our attention and reacquaint ourselves with subtle body sensations, often experienced around the heart, the belly and the pelvic floor, which assist our healing. Whether you are dealing with a recent acute injury, or a chronic range of motion condition, instruction given will begin a more natural and personal healing process, and help build confidence in your capacity for greater movement.

The class includes a short lecture followed by practice.

LONGEVITY & FITNESS: Practices for Mind and Body Vitality – Beginners & Teachers of Beginners (2 hours)

Yoga is a discipline created by ancient Indian sages for increasing life force and providing the means for a long and healthy life. What they clearly understood was how simple practices, started at any age in life, help build and sustain the vitality which is key to a fruitful existence. Whether you are in your 20’s or your 80’s, this workshop will show you ways to support longevity and help maintain optimum fitness, movement and awareness throughout your life.

Come learn how the two subtle forces of Gravity & Grace can be used to create the well-being yoga was designed for, restoring your innate ability for a Grace-full life, with a renewed awareness of Gravity – nature’s gift to keep us grounded physically and psychologically.

The class includes a short lecture followed by practice.

PRANAYAMA: The Texture, Sound, and Rhythm of Breath – All Levels (2 hours)

Pranayama is a practice developed by ancient yogis to re-establish a natural, physical breath optimum for a healthy body, as well as a technique to create mental/psychological benefits that reduce stress and improve mental clarity. This class will teach preparatory exercises designed to create openness in the body and the optimum state of attention to practice, along with 5 unique types of pranayama.

The class includes a short lecture followed by practice, and is designed for all levels, including those who have never done pranayama before.

A LIFETIME OF LEARNING: Yoga as Service and a Profession – Open to the Public (1.5hours)

Come join Peter as he shares stories of his unexpected journey on a yogic path to become a teacher and creator of LEVITYOGA; the founder of karmaNICA, a charitable organization for school children in Nicaragua; and the CEO/Founder of Manduka, a leading eco-yoga company that has donated yoga mats to students around the world for 20 years.

There will be a Q&A session for those interested after the talk.

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