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Saul David Raye has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years and is known for his empowering and heart centered approach to yoga, healing and spirituality. His teaching is deeply influenced by the Tantric and Bhakti schools of Yoga and the ancient wisdom teachings of the indiogenous people especially the Maya & Native Americans. Saul’s work supports people in connecting with their hearts and finding their own authentic power and spirit.

He regularly teaches at conferences and festival around the world and has been a pioneering and inspiring presence in Yoga’s evolution in the west. Saul holds certifications in Yoga, bodywork, energy healing and is an ordained minister and musician who infuses his classes with healing music and chants. He shares his work through teacher trainings, workshops, classes, sacred journey’s to ancient power sites and music.

Workshops and more:

conference classes / yoga classes 

Untying the Knots of the Heart: Healing Yoga & Meditation 

Sacred wisdom traditions and quantum science affirm that the Spiritual Heart is the center of our being, the place where all polarities dissolve and our essence resides.  Join us for this practice weaving together essential teaching and inspiration from heart of the yoga tradition, slow healing yoga and deep heart centered meditation. Practices to heal and untie the knots of the Heart: Class will include Lecture and Practice w/ Live Music.

Soul and Soma: Awakening the Power of Inner Flow & Rejuvenation in Yoga 
Join us as we explore the powerful teachings of Atma (Soul) and Soma (Water essence / Rejuvenation)  within YOGA and how we can bring more fluidity (juiciness), restoring and rejuvenating power to our yoga practice and life. We will explore somatic principles of movement, adjustments, tantric and ayurvedic teachings, partner work and self practice as we move deeper into the river of life within. Aum Somaye Namah …..

Earth Prayer   – Ancient Yogi’s & Shamans had a profound connection & reverence for Mother Earth (Bhumi Devi). We are all deeply connected to Earth, physically, energetically & spiritually- we are her children, our future is entwined with Her. This class will focus on the importance of connecting with the energy field of mother earth and how to access this  field for grounding, healing and intuition in the process of Yoga. Class will include some tantric / shamanic earth based teachings, dynamic yoga, breath work, meditation, live music  and chanting .  Aum

Nectar of the moon: The power of deep relaxation, intention and meditation

This class will explore a deep healing lunar practice through a special technique of yoga nidra (61 pts), intention, prayer and mantra / meditation practice. This practice gives a deep release of psychic, mental, emotional and physical tensions and creates a doorway to experiencing deeper states of consciousness. Class will include some theory, lecture and a deep experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sound Healing Class 

The Power of OM ~ Sacred Sound Healing Experience 

OM is the Source, the Unity of all things. It is the Primordial, cosmic sound current, present at the beginning of creation and continues to vibrate as the essence of all things. OM gives life, energy and sustenance to all of creation. In this class you will understand the deeper meaning of OM and how it relates to the practice of Yoga, different states of consciousness and is the essence of all energy forms. The chanting of Om revitalizes the body, calms the mind, nourishes the soul and connects back to the Infinite source within. Session will include some lecture, meditation and chanting of the sacred syllables of OM – AUM  and how to use the mantra for self, other and cosmic healing.  You will experience something beyond words….. AUM


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