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All optional extras plus Thursday night program and both Kirtans are included in the Full and Day Festival Passes!


Thursday April 3,  Fairmont Southampton Festival Lobby and Poinciana Room


2:30-7:00pm Registration
5:00-7:00pm Purchase pre-ordered meal tickets
6:00pm Festival Gathering –  Greet old & new friends over a warm cup of soup.
7:00pm Welcome! Welcome, Welcome!
Keynote with Nischala Joy Devi
Somerset School of Dance
Get to know the Festival Teachers/Artists
Q & A with Festival Teachers/Artists
9:30pm Closing chant with Kia Miller

Argus ABC Beginners track logo For beginners or those who wish to take a more gentle approach look for Argus beginner classes marked with Arugus Beginners track ABC

  • Full Festival Pass = 8 classes
  • Two Day Pass = 6 classes
  • One Day Pass = 3 classses
  • Half Day Pass = 2 classes
  • Quick Dip Pass= 3 classes

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Time Friday April 4th, Sessions 1-18 Saturday April 5th, Sessions 19-36 Sunday April 6th, Sessions 37-42
6:30am-7:30am Meditation 45mins, Qigong 45 mins, Hanuman Chalisa 30 mins Meditation 45mins, Qigong 45 mins, Hanuman Chalisa 30 mins Meditation 45mins, Qigong 45 mins, Hanuman Chalisa 30 mins
8:00am – 10:00am

1. Kia Miller “Practice as Medicine”

2. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Body…”

3. Beryl Bender Birch “Boomer Yoga…”

4. Swami Asokananda “The Spiritual Dimensions…”

5. Sue Elkind “Yoga Should Feel Good…”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

6. Camella Nair “Balmy Bermuda Bliss”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

19. Beryl Bender Birch “Power Yoga for Athletes”

20. Rusty Wells “Bhakti Flow’

21. Kia Miller “Divine Alignment”

22. Sue Elkind “Yoga Should Feel Good…ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

23. Camella Nair “ Mysticism & Yoga…

24. Nischala Joy Devi “The Chakras and… ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

8:00am – 9:30am

37. Camella Nair “Kriya Vinyassa Flow”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

38.Sue Elkind “Ignite More Flight in Arm Balances”

39. Rusty Wells “Bhakti Flow Master Class”

10:30am – 12:30pm

7. Rusty Wells “Flower of Power”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

8. Sue Elkind “Moving into Stillness…”

9. Elena Brower “Heart Without Measure”

10. Nischala Joy Devi “The Healing Path of Yoga”

11. Kia Miller “The Master Key…”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

12. Swami Asokananda “Implementing the Spiritual Dimensions…”

25. Kia Miller. “Advanced Pranayama…

26. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Body

27. Elena Brower “Softening Into Deep Twists”

28. Camella Nair “Subtle Anatomy/Chakra Yoga and Ayurveda”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

29.Sue Elkind “Hormonal Balancing through Yoga…

30. Swami Asokananda “Bhakti Yoga the path of…”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

10:00am – 11:30am

40. Kia Miller “From Head to Heart”

41. Beryl Bender Birch Detox for Mind and Body

42. Elena Brower “Fortitude and Freedom”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller


13. Rusty Wells “How to Build a Boat”

14. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your BreathABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

15. Elena Brower “Reviving Inner Silence”

16. Nischala Joy Devi “Deep Relaxation…”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

17. Beryl Bender Birch “The Powerful Energy of Pranayama”

18. Camella Nair “Cooking” Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

31. Swami Asokananda “Meditation without frustration”

32. David Newman (Durga Das)” Self Love,ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

33. Elena Brower Session “Restore and Refresh”ABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

34. Nischala Joy Devi “The Secret Power of the Yoga Sutras”

35. Beryl Bender Birch “Yoga NidraABC beginenrs track Icon - smaller

36. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Passions: Master Class”

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Closing Arathi / Waving of the Light, Sea of OMs


Ecstatic Dance 60 mins, Qigong 45 mins

Ecstatic Dance 60 mins, Qigong 45 mins,


Kirtan Concert with David Newman (Durga Das)

Kirtan Concert with C.C. White


Session 1. Kia Miller “Practice as Medicine” | yoga

Experience practice as meditative medicine. This Kundalini practice will detoxify and clear the body to allow for a deep state of presence. Intuition is accessed when we are rooted fully in the present moment, ready to apologize, forgive and see beauty in all. Intuition is an important yogic skill, a requirement for optimal living. It is this moment out of which all future moments are born. Practice culminates in a meditation for self blessings and intuition.

Session 2. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Body: Get in Deep, Twist & Bind” | yoga

Join Faith as she leads you through a soulful and playful experience of fire and heat inspired by the 3rd chakra. You will learn a variety of twists, abdominal strengtheners, and deep breathing techniques that are therapeutic, cleansing, and purifying to the body and soul. She will also get you deep into some of her favorite binds and shoulder openers. This healing workshop will enable you to tap into your power center, experience moments of pain and ecstasy, and increase your sense of awareness as you connect breath and body. Feel the digestive fires burning, remove the toxins from your physical and emotional body, and get deep into the soul.

Session 3. Beryl Bender Birch “Boomer Yoga : Not Your Daughter’s Yoga – The Path to Longevity” | yoga

For anyone over 40, this is an energetic but very friendly and doable practice to keep your body young, your mind vibrant, and your spirit soaring. Drawing from her book, Boomer Yoga, Beryl will introduce us to a unique yoga sequence for athletic practitioners that is designed to keep us moving and accommodate our changing bodies and minds. This dynamic asana practice not only rejuvenates and detoxifies our mind and body, but through training in mindful attention, it also prepares us for the deeper and more subtle practices of pranayama and meditation.

Session 4. Swami Asokananda “The Spiritual Dimensions of Hatha Yoga” | yoga, meditation & talk

In this workshop we will explore how the physical practices of Hatha Yoga can be directly linked to Yoga’s ultimate spiritual goal–discovering the radiance of our true Self. Through deepening our awareness of the energy that underlies, animates, and surrounds the body, we can use the physical body as a jumping off point to discover more subtle dimensions of our being. By learning to work more consciously with prana, we will find it:

        • Has a tremendous impact on how we practice the asanas and how we experience them.
        • We begin to explore yoga from the inside out—receiving much understanding from within our own being.
        • *We can get a taste of the goal of yoga, experiencing ourselves as a witnessing consciousness.

Session 5. Sue Elkind “Yoga should Feel Good: Upper Body Therapeutics” Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga

Bring your aches and pains or learn how to prevent them! Support optimal health in your neck, shoulders, upper back & wrists with this highly therapeutic practice designed to take the mystery out of pain and lead you on the path to healing. Handout of upper body therapeutic routine will be given.

Session 6. Camella Nair “Balmy Bermuda Bliss” (Gentle Yoga) Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga

If you want to escape your regular arduous yoga practice along with the stress of work, or if you are NEW to yoga, this is a treat for you, as we slow things down and open up to receive what is known in yoga as bliss or Ananda. It is only a breath away, and we will be looking at stabilizing and opening the body to release habitual gripping, strengthening the pelvic floor, and attuning to stillness and serenity, in this workshop. Come with an open mind, a sense of childlike wonder, and a desire to dive in to the triangle with wild abandon.Suitable for beginner and intermediates students. Friday April 4,10:30am

Session 7. Rusty Wells “Flower of Power” Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga

Vinyasa (flow-based yoga) can actually be steady and comfortable. This special class guides the beginning (and even the more seasoned) student to a sweet edge. Enjoy this signature basic Bhakti Flow class that will turn your yoga mat into a flying magic carpet. Come prepared to sweat and sing.

Session 8. Sue Elkind “Moving into Stillness: Hip Openers, Pranayama, Meditation” | yoga, breath & meditation

Clear the inner clutter and make way for true, positive change in your life. Flow with your body, mind & breath in this special class designed to move you deeper into your hips and your heart. Class includes asana, pranayama, guided imagery and meditation. All levels welcome.

Session 9. Elena Brower “Heart without Measure” | yoga

Explore backbends with deep confidence and fullness, from the perspective of the inner body. Expect easeful expansion in your physical architecture and your interior spaces.

Session 10. Nischala Joy Devi “The Healing Path of Yoga” |yoga

Nischala Devi shares her years of experience working with the healthful benefits of yoga, teaching visualization, breathing and meditation, as well as providing the classic steps for yoga’s classical poses. The Healing Path of Yoga teaches us timeless yoga techniques and philosophy, along with lifestyle-altering progam to create one extraordinary program with the power to rejuvenate and heal.

Session 11. Kia Miller “The Master Key: Clearing All Blocks through Sound Vibration” Arugus Beginners track ABC | breath & chant

For thousands of years, yogis have recognized that everything in the Universe is vibrating…including us. Chanting is a powerful way to align ourselves with our highest purpose. This class will give you an experience with the ancient science and application of Mantra. Discover why Mantra is considered to be a master key, which opens all locks and eliminates obstacles on the path to enlightenment. Students will learn how to free their voice and liberate stuck energy through sound. Class includes: breathing and sound techniques, Kundalini Yoga and Mantra.

Session 12. Swami Asokananda “Implementing the Spiritual Dimensions of Hatha Yoga” | yoga & meditation

In this Integral Yoga Intermediate level class we will explore how the physical practices of Hatha Yoga can be directly linked to Yoga’s ultimate spiritual goal—discovering the radiance of our true Self. Through working with the subtle energy within and around us, and tapping into the witnessing part of our consciousness, we will find what it means to practice yoga from the inside out. Friday April 4th, 2:30-4:30

Session 13. Rusty Wells “How to Build a Boat” | yoga

Build the strongest foundation possible. Here is a really challenging vinyasa class designed to build strength in your legs and the entire core(intermediate to advanced track.) From the ankles to the ribs, we will tone and stretch it all!From lunges to crunches, you can learn tools that can be used at home in order to safely and effectively build the strongest power yoga practice imaginable. These techniques will nourish your forward bends, deepen your backbends, strengthen the muscles around your spine and tone your entire midsection. Come prepared to sweat… a lot.

Session 14. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Breath: Ease into You” | breath, chant & meditationArugus Beginners track ABC

Pranayama (breathwork) consciously controls the flow of breath, and enhances the flow of energy in the body. A regular, balanced pranayama practice increases life energy, which invites greater mental clarity, heightened healing potential and deeper self understanding. During this workshop, Faith will sweetly guide you through a gentle practice the creatively synchronizing movement with breath, incorporating heating and cooling pranayama, calming the mind for meditation, lifting the spirit through chanting, and supporting your heart and spirit as you ease smoothly into meditation.

Session 15. Elena Brower “Reviving Inner Silence” | yoga

This journey through a thoughtful series of postures, meditations and contemplations to usher in the powerful potency of silence, and allow your heart to speak.

Session 16. Nischala Joy Devi “Deep Relaxation through the Maya Koshas (subtle bodies)” Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk & relaxation

We all function with not just one, but five bodies or Maya koshas. Our physical body is best known, yet it does not function alone. The bodies of energy, thought and emotion, higher wisdom and peace all must come into alignment for a deep healing relaxation to happen. In this workshop we will explore and experience through Deep Relaxation these five layers that cover our true self. Through this understanding we are able to remove obstacles that keep us from experiencing a natural balance. Then we can bask in the peace of our own true nature.

Session 17. Beryl Bender Birch “The Powerful Energy of Pranayama” | breath

(Pranayama and discussion – not recommended for those completely new to yoga)The classical path of astanga (or raja) yoga is an ancient and powerful system of energy medicine for healing body, mind, and spirit. The 8 limbs of this classical methodology offer techniques that can increase prana, awaken the body’s energy systems, and transform our lives. The practice of pranayama continues the process we started with asana – training the mind to focus on one thing. It requires a cultivation of attention on the breath and is a gateway to meditation. Once we can link our minds to our breathing, the mind quiets down and we are able to see more clearly, which leads the way to greater health and happiness.

Session 18. Camella Nair “Cooking” Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras”Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk

How well do you know the Yoga Sutras? And more importantly, utilize them in your everyday life? Camella is the creator and presenter of “Cooking the Yoga Sutras”, and has woven together 12 vital sutras, using food as a metaphor for the teachings. She will be sharing some of her findings along with some balancing techniques from the Kriya lineage that will jump start your understanding of yoga philosophy, and how to incorporate that into your daily life. Come with an open mind and playful soul.All levels. 2 hr workshop Friday 7pm-10pm Kirtan Concert

Kirtan Concert with David Newman (Durga Das)

Step into the sacred for an evening of healing call and response chanting, devotional music and sacred song with Kirtan Chant Artist David Newman (Durga Das). David’s distinctive approach to Kirtan embodies a heartfelt devotional mysticism with an adventurous musicality and poetic intimacy. Join us for an uplifting journey into bliss! All are welcome! Saturday April 5th, 8am-10am

Session 19. Beryl Bender Birch “Power Yoga for Athletes” (discussion and asana) | talk & yoga

Only when you can be extremely pliable and soft, can you be extremely hard and strong —- Zen proverb. Join Beryl Bender Birch, author of three best selling books on yoga and former Wellness Director of the New York Road Runners for 22 years, for the sweaty and powerful practice she made famous, with her best selling book, Power Yoga. Beryl pioneered the introduction of yoga into the world of sports and has taught yoga and meditation to tens of thousands of athletes since l974. She revolutionized the concept of stretching with her “hard and soft” philosophy and taught athletes that yoga, when practiced correctly, developed not just flexibility, but strength, power, and focus as well.

Session 20. Rusty Wells “Bhakti Flow” | yoga & chant

Experience Extreme Power Flow Yoga in a dynamic session designed to take the seasoned practitioner to a new level. This challenging class, wrapped in love and devotion, will introduce students to Rusty’s signature freestyle vinyasa class. A Bhakti Flow experience sets the stage for spontaneous meditation to occur. It is a prayer-filled dance to the Beloved. Come prepared to sing, sweat and flow!

Session 21. Kia Miller “Divine Alignment” | yoga, breath & meditation

Learn to track your spirit moment to moment, to sink beneath the business of the mind and tap into the deep wellspring of wisdom and truth.Staying connected is an art and a discipline. The more we do it, the more skilled we become. Join Kia for a journey into the deeper dimensions of You. We will practice a kundalini kriya to purify the body and strengthen the mind/body connection. Come and awaken deeper states of awareness and find your own Divine Alignment. Asana, pranayama and meditation.

Session 22. Sue Elkind “Yoga should Feel Good: Lower Body Therapeutics” Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga

Bring your aches and pains or learn how to prevent them! Support optimal health in your lower back, hips, knees, ankles & feet with the highly therapeutic practice designed to take the mystery out of pain and lead you on the path to healing. Handout of lower body therapeutic routine will be given.

Session 23. Camella Nair “Mysticism and Yoga for Women” (pregnancy through menopause) | yoga

The quest of the mystic mother is to lead a child into the world and make it a better place to dwell. We do not need to wait until the kids have left home to deepen our spiritual practice that balances the mind and body. During the magical times of great change, such as pregnancy and menopause, we need to cultivate more earth element and apana vayu. In this workshop, we will be exploring these needs of women through asana at these major junctions in a woman’s life. Inspired by the magic of motherhood, Camella has authored a book “Prenatal Kriya Yoga” and designed a home study teacher training course. She has been teaching yoga to women and leading womens groups for over a decade. She will be sharing some inspirational insights during this workshop, enabling us to cultivate our connection to The Divine Mother within us all.

Session 24. Nischala Joy Devi “The Chakras and Esoteric Anatomy” Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk

Begin to unveil the Sacred Mysteries within and understand how our esoteric nervous system can lead us to the mundane or the divine. As we are able to progress beyond the physical to our subtle bodies we encounter whirling vortices of energy, called chakras. These chakras contain valuable information about the ordinary as well as the extraordinary aspects of our every action and thought. By our yogic practices we can learn to unleash and infuse vitality and knowledge to transform every aspect of our lives. Saturday April 5, 10:30am-12:30pm

Session 25. Kia Miller “Advanced Pranayama: The Breath within the Breath” | breath & yoga

The breath is the gateway to deeper dimensions. It is one of the key ways that we build and balance prana in the body and connect more deeply with all that is. Join Kia for an integrated practice of kriya and pranayama. Through exploring different pranayama techniques, you can become masterful at managing your energy. You will leave with your own pranayama toolkit for any occasion. This class is mostly breath work with some asana to prepare the body. Bring a cushion or blanket for maximum comfort.

Session 26. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Body” | yoga

Faith will lead you on an experimental compassionate heart opening journey that is designed to help bring awareness to your heart chakra (Anahata Chakra), and transform your life by uncovering a place of pure bliss and divine spiritual awakening. Through a targeted asana practice including deep backbends, meditation, and mantras, you will be able to channel powerful heart energy, connect to your true essence, and rediscover the Divine sacredness and love in yourself, others and the world around you.

Session 27. Elena Brower “Softening into Deep Twists” | yoga

From the vantage point of the spine within the twist, we travel upwards through the latitudes to find ease and space for deeper twisting postures. Enjoy a new vista of softness in these asanas and revel in the meditative spaces within.

Session 28. Camella Nair “Subtle Anatomy/Chakra Yoga and Ayurveda” Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk & yoga

We are more than just a physical body. Understanding the pranic body that houses a series of mass energy converters known as chakras and how they function is vital, as they affect our health and happiness. By diving deeper into subtle anatomy and Ayurvedic principles, we can open a portal to self-transformation, and bring greater balance to our hatha practice and daily life by creating only harmonious karma. This workshop includes a discourse on chakras, followed by a chakra balancing asana practice. Suitable for all levels.

Session 29. Sue Elkind “Hormonal Balancing through Yoga, Visualization and Mantra for Women” (all ages) | yoga

Learn dynamic yoga postures that support hormonal balance in every age and stage of a woman’s life. Experience greater vitality, mental clarity & emotional balance by stimulating and regulating the endocrine system through a delightful practice of inversions and restoratives.

Session 30. Swami Asokananda “Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Devotion”Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk & chant

Yoga can help us overcome the mental conditioning (samskaras) that keeps us stuck in a limited consciousness. Though we need to make use of our willpower and intellect, they can take us only so far. The path of devotion—Bhakti Yoga—brings the heart into our practice, which has the power to melt even the hardest, most stubborn ego. It reveals the great strength that resides at our core, beneath the mental realm. This workshop will include several Bhakti Yoga practices designed to help us to go out of our mind and into the Heart. Saturday April 5, 2:30pm-4:30pm

Session 31. Swami Asokananda “Meditation without Frustration” | talk & meditation

Most of us have enough stress in our life. Let’s not make meditation one more hard thing to do. Trying to stop the thoughts is a big project—and probably not the one we should be focusing on for now. The goal is to have a better understanding and relationship with our self. This is the primary relationship that affects all other relationships. Swami Asokananda will introduce a simple three-step approach to meditation that has kept his meditation interesting, meaningful, and rejuvenating for over 40 years.consciousness.

Session 32. David Newman (Durga Das) “Self Love, Self Inquiry, Self Less: Wisdom Teachings and Exchange of Heart” Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk & chant

Join David for an informal gathering exploring the nature of being, unity, love and self-inquiry. The gathering is offered with the intention of offering insight and inspiration for nourishing one’s inner longing for spiritual truth and for living with an open heart. It will comprise wisdom sharings, chanting, Q & A, and discussion. All are welcome!

Session 33. Elena Brower “Restore and Refresh”Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga

To respect and enhance the function of our nervous system is a deep practice; one that moves us, softens us, and most importantly, awakens us to our highest selves. This series of standing and seated postures will situate you in your body; you’ll finish with a restorative sequence to bring much quiet to your mind and heart.

Session 34. Nischala Joy Devi “The Secret Power of the Yoga Sutras” | talk

The Yoga Sutras, considered to be one of the most revered texts of yoga, state concisely and elegantly the essential wisdom to achieving self-realization. In this workshop Nischala Joy Devi will impart her heart-centered intuitive interpretation of the Yoga Sutras from her book -The Secret Power of Yoga. which offers students an opportunity to partake in the unfathomable sense of peace, emotional and spiritual enlightenment that is our birthright.

Session 35. Beryl Bender Birch “Yoga Nidra: Turning Inward through Pratyahara” (light movement, discussion, yoga nidra ) Arugus Beginners track ABC | talk, light movement & relaxation

Yoga nidra is a process that gradually withdraws our awareness from the outer world and turns it inward (pratyahara). We are guided to a state of mind that initiates between wakefulness and dream sleep. Mental activity quiets down and we enter a calm “sleep-like” state, but we are not asleep! Join Beryl as she leads us to the state of yoga nidra, where deep relaxation occurs, and the door opens to the three inner limbs of yoga – concentration, meditation, and realization.

Session 36. Faith Hunter “Embrace Your Passions: Master Class” | yoga

Playfully flow with a creative blend of sun salutations as Faith guides you through breath and body, and uplifts your spirit with chants of love. This experience is based on her well-known Sunday morning class, and will give you the freedom to flow where you are making modifications where it fits in your body. Faith’s hip, fly and playful connection to the practice of yoga will help you EMBRACE the Passion in your heart, mind and spirit. She will incorporate chanting, yoga philosophy, and targeted breathing practice to uplift and awaken the authentic, creative and divine in you. Saturday 7pm-10pm Kirtan Concert

Kirtan Concert with C.C. White

Chanting for over 13 years C.C. has shared the stage with some of the great kirtan artists such as Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, and Shyamdas. Her CD This Is Soul Kirtan! features a thrilling mixture of kirtan, old school soul, Southern blues, gospel, and R&B. Sunday April 6th, 8am - 10am

Session 37. Camella Nair “Kriya Vinyassa Flow” Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga

Kriya Swami Camella, has developed and taught this beautiful vinyassa series, based on sun and moon salutations, for over a decade. It gradually builds in intensity towards a rotational kriya breathing technique, bringing greater balance into our lives, whilst purifying the koshas or yogic bodies. It can help the student develop greater self-awareness and discipline, moving towards a deep inner practice through heightened awareness and concentration. The class ends with some pranayama and a brief meditation.

Session 38. Sue Elkind “Ignite More Flight in Arm Balances” (intermediate/advanced Session) | yoga

Lighten up your arm balances with this high-energy yoga practice. Learn how to leverage your weight by balancing your strength with proper biomechanics. Get ready to take flight with poses that not only open your hamstrings & hips but lead you more fully into the fullness of your heart.

Session 39. Rusty Wells “Bhakti Flow Master Class” | yoga

This freestyle vinyasa class is all about devotion in motion. This class is appropriate for Intermediate to Advanced students . Strong focus will be placed on various backbends, inversions and twists. A Bhakti Flow experience sets the stage for spontaneous meditation to occur. It is a prayer-filled dance to the Beloved. Come prepared to sing, sweat, sweat some more, and flow! Sunday 10AM classes

Session 40. Kia Miller “From Head to Heart” | yoga, breath  & meditation

The spiritual path takes us from head-centric to heart-centric existence. Quieting the chatter of the mind, we break through into “the present moment”. In this class, we will practice Kriyas, Pranayama and Meditations to cultivate neutral mind and rest in the expansive wisdom of the heart. This is an inspiring journey, which will encourage you to live beyond the limitations of the mind and let the heart rule.

Session 41. Beryl Bender Birch “Detox for Mind and Body: The Cleansing Effects of Tristana” (breath, bandhas and drishti) | yoga

A strong and sweaty astanga vinyasa flow asana practice is an incredibly potent ally in maintaining good health. It can strengthen our immune system and help us to clear tightness, toxins, and tension from our minds and bodies. Using the yoga tools of breath, bandhas, and drishti, we learn to fine-tune our attention and tap into our inner world. These three aspects are profound and powerful aids to the development of mindfulness and are designed to bring the attention to the present moment and quiet our mind. Then we can work to burn out physical and psychological obstacles that limit our health and happiness.

Session 42. Elena Brower “Fortitude and Freedom”Arugus Beginners track ABC | yoga & meditation

A perfect morning practice that will help you assimilate all the teachings gathered this weekend. Stretch, twist, lengthen and grow in this intense but respectful sequence of asana, and welcome the deepest freedom of your heart and mind in meditation.