Shanell Vaughn (Shantidevi)

Shanell Vaughan


Shanell Vaughn (Shantidevi) took her first yoga class in 2003 and became a yoga teacher in the Sivananda Hatha Yoga tradition in 2010.

Shanell embraces all branches of yoga – Raja (meditative), Jnana (wisdom), Karma (selfless-service), Bhakti (devotional) – as a complete system for Self-discovery and path to inner peace. She had the privilege of sitting at the feet of great yoga teachers in India, an experience that continues to feed her passion for this ancient practice. Her classes are inspired by the classical Sivananda hatha teachings upon which she has evolved her own style of teaching that is compassionate, heart-centered, challenging and playful. Her classes include the practice of sun salutations, asanas, pranayama, mantra and meditation accompanied by soulful music. She also likes to build a sense of community in her classes, interpreting “Yoga” to mean both uniting individual and Higher Consciousness, as well as uniting people to help each other on this journey to remembrance of the Self.

Shanell supports individuals in reaching their own health and healing goals, and meets people where they are in this process. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her students about energy, movement, and the power of the mind from her 25 years training as a martial artist, and now as a holistic health practitioner with her own business, “Shambhala.” Shanell believes that yoga is for everyone and that by experiencing greater ease in your body and mind, you can experience greater ease in life.


Hanuman Chalisa
Early morning recitation of the 40-verse hymn, Hanuman Chalisa, which describes the life and exploits of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey God. Sri Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj said, “every line of the Hanuman Chalisa is a maha mantra (great mantra).” It begins with the phrase, “I take the dust of the Guru’s lotus feet to cleanse the mirror of my heart.” In these morning sessions, we will honour Hanuman, embodiment of that aspect of Divine energy that is pure Love and selfless service.

Soul Yoga (a Hatha-based class with music)
Nourish your body and soul in this open-level hatha yoga class that weaves soulful music with your practice of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), and mantra to take you on a yogic journey into the depths of your heart. This class brings elements of classical Sivananda Yoga together with the wisdom of shamanic traditions to offer you a practice that connects you to the roots of yoga and the natural world.

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