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Sianna Sherman BYF Presenter


Sianna Sherman is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, evocative storyteller and a passionate speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Mythic Yoga Flow®, creator of the Goddess Yoga Project in partnership with Yoga Journal and co-founder of Urban Priestess. Sianna is the visionary and catalyst of a 1008-hour yoga program that will launch in 2016. She is collaborating with a powerful heart tribe collective to offer the world a full spectrum of fire and nectar teachings in asana, mantra, meditation, mudra, mythology, shadow work, soul alchemy, tribal dance and Tantra. As a globetrotting yogini, Sianna offers 200- & 300-hour teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and pilgrimages on multiple continents. She is an innovative, visionary spirit and writes for multiple magazines from a deep devotional practice. Early in her career, Sianna was featured by Yoga Journal as one of the world’s 21 most talented young teachers shaping the future of yoga and recently by Mantra Magazine as a “Strong Woman Rising.” Sianna is committed to helping ignite the alchemy of yoga for a lifetime of sustainable practice and transformation.


Ignite Magic – Mythic Yoga Flow® Myth, Mantra, Mudra & Magic

Ignite Magic in this dynamic flow of backbends where asana, mantra, mudra and heart fire vision unite in a sacred alchemy of yoga. Untie the knots of your heart and learn how to clear your back pain with biomechanics and clear intention. This progressive backbend sequence helps you to open your wings and say the most radical YES to the magic that is YOU! Backbends leading up to Urdhva Dhanurasana and Variations

AGNI – Fire Flow Backbends, Pranayama & Vision

Awaken your heart fire in this uplifting practice of standing poses, backbends and pranayama. Agni is the Sanskrit word for “fire.” Agni governs passion, transmutation and release of old stuck patterns. Backbends help untie the knots of the heart, transform fear and open the physical and subtle bodies to the healing power of love. This intelligent sequence pulses symmetrical and asymmetrical backbends to build healthy alignment for the back and builds a steady foundation for a lifetime of practice. This sequence increases vitality, strengthens the posterior chain of muscles, clarifies the mind and kindles the fire of the heart to blaze more brightly.

SOMA – Nectar Flow Hips, Mantra & Meditation

Bathe in the nectar of yoga with deep hips, twists, inversions, mantra and meditation. This session turns inside with a more introspective practice of self-acceptance and reflection. The alchemy of yoga holds the essential understanding that a balanced yoga practice is both Fire & Nectar. The heating aspect of the practice is called tapasya – “that which heats up” or agni – “fire” and the cooling aspect of the practice is called soma – “moonlight” or that which offers the nectar of the practice. Agni & Soma together offer a balanced energy so the yogi both burns away the dross and receives nourishment through the practices. Without fire in the practice, there is no transformation. Without coolness in the practice, then the yogi can burn out. Fire & Nectar are the complementary opposites and the yogi cultivates both in practice and life.

Phoenix Power Arm Balances, Chanting & Heart Tribe Connection

Play your edge in this lively practice of arm balances and learn fun ways to approach your practice when it seems challenging. The mythic phoenix holds the medicine of creativity, triumph, magic and resurrection. Phoenix Power is the remembrance that from ashes to wings, we rise again. This practice strengthens the core, offers new patterns of movement, enhances coordination skills and teaches progressive sequencing for the most effective openings. Learn to think out of the box when confronted with challenges and discover new doorways into your practice and life. Integrated practices of Tantra alchemize your practice with asana, bandha, mudra, mantra and pranayama. This class is up-tempo, fun, sweaty, and open to spontaneous flows of creativity.


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