Todd Crews

Todd Crews


I began my yoga journey in May 2004 when I met Ayurveda Astrologer Jay Kumar. He told me I was on a dark path that would not end well and that I needed to practice yoga as well as meditate. In early 2005, I chose yoga as my New Year’s resolution and have been practicing ever since. I did my first teacher training with Darren Main, Jay Kumar and Michael Watson. Darren taught Vinyasa Flow which I loved as it was simply fun to move.

In 2008/9 I completed Anusara teacher training with Christy Nones and the late Peter Barber. Practicing in the Anusara community was a life-changing experience. My physical practice skyrocketed as I became much stronger and more flexible. Practicing with a great number of extremely talented, well known teachers greatly enhanced my teaching style. Anusara gave me the confidence to teach large numbers of people and helped me to manage my teaching to teach to all levels.

In 2012, I received an email from Noah Maze´announcing his first 300 hour teacher training. I accepted immediately. My teaching clarity improved so significantly that even when teaching new students they have no questions as to what I am saying. As I often teach at hotels, the random students that attend my classes are also able to stay with my teaching without question.

As Anusara may have changed me for the better as a person, YogaMaze´ has made me a far better teacher.


Expansion with Extension – All Levels/Intermediate

Expand your Prana, your Life Force Energy in this uplifting practice, which includes standing poses; hip openers; back bends and pranayama. Create incredible transformation in your physical and subtle body through the practice of back bends as you explore your breath. Pranayama in these poses will create a heart opening that implores your being and gives you the opportunity to open fully as you bend backwards to lengthen and strengthen your spine.

Smoothing, Soothing, Settling – All Levels/Intermediate

Explore your inner self as you turn inside with a more thoughtful practice of hip openers, twists and forward folds. Inner consciousness opens the pathway to reveal one’s true Nature and Dharma through grounding oneself. This settling practice purifies one from the inside out so the practitioners are cognizant of the their external surroundings so they may recognize the reflection of their own true Self. This journey will finish in the practice of meditation to lead to the Smoothing, Soothing and Settling Self.




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