Trish Alexander

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Trish Alexander has been teaching yoga for 17 years but is first and foremost a student. She is certified by Integral Yoga, YogaKids and The Temple of Kriya Yoga as a teacher of hatha yoga and meditation.

Trish’s classes are a fusion of the styles of yoga she has studied. She offers a classical hatha yoga class where body and breath align, the mind slows down and contentment ensues. Her intention for each class is to share the teachings with warmth and humor while honoring her students. Trish offers guidance and direction in how to modify poses as appropriate so the class can be accessible to all to create balance of the body, mind and spirit as well as experience the healing and restorative qualities of yoga.

Trish’s guiding principles are from her paramguru, Goswami Kriyananda, who often used the acronym KISMIF “Keep it Simple, Make it Fun”. She feels that this, combined with another of his oft-repeated teachings. Adjust, Adapt, Acclimatize, applies not only to yoga classes but also to this journey of life, so that the awareness gleaned from the mat can be taken into the world.

Trish is actively involved in Bermuda’s yoga community and was a key organizer of Bermuda’s first international yoga festival in April 2014.


Bermuda Blend

Come and experience the elements that make Bermuda the beautiful Island that it is. Have some fun getting to know Bermuda as you navigate your own structure and inner landscape and find direction through alignment, breath and guided visualization. Expect a gentle, flowing class, “yoga on the rock with a twist!” Dance with the sun, dive deep into the creative waters of your shores, tour the Triangle and perhaps experience a dark ‘n stormy vinyasa as you explore Bermuda in a unique and special way on your magical mat.

Aqua Kriya Yoga

Aqua Kriya Yoga is a wellness modality that aims to connect the body and breath, helping practitioners bring awareness and intention to their movements. By taking yoga off the mat and into the water, greater ease and stability can be experienced.

This inclusive discipline has many benefits, including little to no impact on joints, especially knees, hips and ankles; improving balance issues, confidence, and awareness; weightlessness in the water allowing for joint access, muscle lengthening and organ toning; strengthening the pelvic floor and deep core muscles; and shedding more calories in less time due to the water’s resistance.

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